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Our Expertise


Our store provides you with the convenience of expert on-site jewelers. 
What sets us apart from other jewelry stores is that all of our services are done in-store rather than being sent out to another location. Our customers appreciate us because they have the peace of mind that their jewelry is being serviced where they left it. Not only does this mean that customers can quickly check the status of their repair, but they will also get their jewelry back within three business days. 



About JAF


Since 1997, JAF Jewelers & Watches has been committed to providing our customers with trustworthy craftsmanship and quality service. JAF focuses on providing trustworthy and quick jewelry repair to our customers. Known as the masters of craftsmanship in the wonderful Sun City, JAF has over 100 years of combined experience to provide you with dependable artistry on your most cherished pieces. 
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